Phare Music on iTunes

Khmer Metal performs in Oakland, California at the Scottish Rite Center 2015 - rock and roll band plays

Phare Music Now Available on iTunes

Sometimes while watching the jaw-dropping stunts during a performance at Phare, The Cambodian Circus, it’s understandable that you might forget to notice your foot tapping to the live music that accompanies it. Just watch the musicians move effortlessly between traditional and modern instruments, keeping one eye on the circus artists to make sure their music matches the action on stage. The high-energy live music is just as much a part of the experience as the circus techniques and drama.

Guests often asked if the music was available for purchase, so by popular demand, CD’s were produced for the music from 2 of the shows: “Khmer Metal” and “Sokha”. Guests can purchase them in Phare Boutique either before or after the performance. Occasionally, a guest who had already returned to their home country would write us asking if the music was available online.  We are thrilled to finally announce that it is!

Making the music available online was a long and difficult journey, as the requirements and process were completely new to Phare. To make sure it was done right, Phare reached out to former music industry professional Jennifer O’Sullivan who took charge of the project. It took several visits over a full year to the Cambodian Ministry of Fine Arts to get the music copy written, but once that was accomplished the music was finally made available online. The soundtracks from “Khmer Metal” and “Sokha” are now available on iTunes and more platforms will follow. Phare will also publish other original compositions being created by Phare musicians.

Phare music available on iTunes
Khmer Metal - Oakland - Vanthan

Khmer Metal

Khmer Metal presents a rare glimpse into the wilder side of Cambodian urban life as the rock music makes your heart pound. The owner of a grungy Phnom Penh rock bar and his brother seek profit as customers seek adventure, passion and love in all the wrong places.

Sokha - Siem Reap - 2016


Sokha is a child haunted by war. Her memories of the Khmer Rouge combine with surreal visions and nightmares to create a distorted and dark reality. But through art, she discovers her strength and finds the tools to heal both herself and her community.

Meet the Stars: Vanthan Ly

Musician and composer
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