View from the Front Row

Osman Khawaja

By Osman Khawaja, Egbok Mission

I strolled into the Phare compound with a friend as I have done countless times before, stopping as usual to admire the colorful lights made out of recycled bottles, and wishing I had them in my garden. The show was Eclipse, one the Phare’s most popular shows performed regularly at the Siem Reap big top. Since I bring all my guests to the circus, I must have easily seen Eclipse a dozen times, if not more. I thought I knew the show well and was more excited about seeing my friend’s reaction to it; but was totally unaware of the surprise that lay in store for me!

While enjoying the juicy beef and chicken skewers, my favorites off the menu at the Phare Café, I got chatting to Craig, the Director of Sales & Marketing, who kindly arranged front row and stage center seats for us. I was excited to experience the action close up but what I didn’t expect was to walk out feeling I had seen a different show than the one I had already seen numerous times before. Sitting so near to the performance was thrilling. I was drawn into the experience more intensely than ever before and could feel my heart beat to the rhythm of the accompanying music. I could literally feel the emotions and the energy of the circus troupe as they told their tale. One step closer and I would have become one of the characters, helping them hunt down the “evil spirit” by somersaulting through fire.

The Phare big top is already an intimate place for a show that captivates audiences night after night. How much more personal can it get by sitting in the front row? Definitely enough to change my perspective entirely. Now I need to go back and see the other shows from the front row seats! I will never get enough of the amazing Phare circus, right on our doorstep in Siem Reap!

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