Team Phare: Living Life to its Fullest

baray(1)Being a Social Enterprise means we’re not your normal company. Add to this the fact that our primary product is a modern Cambodian circus theatre performance, and we’re simply one of a kind.

Yesterday we did our best to be a bit more normal… we took a day off and went to the beach. At least, the closest thing we have to a beach in Siem Reap. For our company team-building retreat, we headed out to the West Baray (reservoir) for a swim.

The day started with breakfast, community style, with everyone pitching-in to help. This was followed by some local Buddhist Monks and Nuns gracing our space to bless our meals for the day and offer up prayers.


After our meal, everyone was brought up to date on the more technical aspects of our business, financial matters. Our corporate manager explained where all the money comes from and where it goes. Things are looking good! Though, we definitely need to keep filling our seats as much as possible. If only we could get every person who visits Angkor Wat to finish their day with our show… Talk about having no worries!

baray(6)Then came connecting and relaxing! Everyone plays cards, most enjoy splashing around and a game, and there’s always nap-time when you’ve had enough.


Its hard to explain it, but our team really is unique… are there other circus troupes in the world that take a day off, play music together in their simple and serene tropical home while moving back and forth between their 3 languages of Khmer, French and English? Blend how everyone gets along seamlessly with our collective mission of making a living while bringing art back to a place that lost it… then it really is uniquely Cambodian and daringly modern – definitely.

You’re invited to imbibe some of this goodness on your few days in Siem Reap. After the temples of Angkor – get some dinner at our café and enjoy Siem Reap’s highest rated entertainment – Phare, The Cambodian Circus.baray(12)

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