Made in Cambodia Market | Discover the Ultimate Shopping Haven

Made in Cambodia Market - locally made arts and crafts - various stalls in open-air market

Discover the Ultimate Shopping Haven: Made in Cambodia Market

Looking for unique, locally made crafts and souveniers? Are you looking for alternatives to the chaotic charm of touristy markets where you have to master the art of bargaining (and sometimes end up feeling a bit ripped off)? What if we told you there’s a market that’s all about ensuring both buyers and sellers leave with smiles on their faces? Welcome to the Made in Cambodia Market, your ticket to authentic, locally made crafts in the heart of Siem Reap.

A Breath of Fresh Air

While the Angkor Night Market dazzles with its vivid colors and spirited sellers, the Made in Cambodia Market offers a whole different vibe. Conveniently located across from Shinta Mani Angkor, this market is a vibrant showcase of Cambodia’s creative craftsmanship. Here, you’ll find goods crafted by internationally renowned artisans and designers, many of whom are associated with NGOs.

What sets this market apart? It’s not overrun by hordes of tourists, creating a more serene shopping experience. Plus, the folks running the stalls and crafting these gems have fascinating stories to share, often coming from challenging backgrounds. At the Made in Cambodia Market, your purchases come with a dose of meaning – you can learn about the hands behind the crafts and the places they originate from.

Fair Play, Fair Prices

Worried about the endless haggling and debates over prices? Not here! At the Made in Cambodia Market, everything is reasonably priced, ensuring a fair deal for both buyers and sellers. No need for heated arguments or time-consuming negotiations – it’s all about making your shopping experience enjoyable.

“The main philosophy behind the Made in Cambodia Market is to Help Create Khmer Jobs; from the villagers producing the Handicrafts to the sellers interacting with the visitors,” says the Made in Cambodia Market team.

In a country where nurturing creative culture is crucial, this market provides incredible opportunities for Cambodians. It empowers them to proudly showcase their skills, boosting confidence and creativity in the process.

So, whether you’re a seasoned market-goer or just looking for a unique souvenir to take home, swing by the Made in Cambodia Market. It’s not just a market; it’s a chance to be a part of something meaningful and discover the incredible talent that Cambodia has to offer. Happy shopping, and remember, every purchase here tells a story!

Made in Cambodia Market | Discover the Ultimate Shopping Haven

Cambolac, Art for the People

Saneth a young deaf Cambodian girl delighted in pointing out which products she had made. Santeth’s work is brought to you by Cambolac, Art for the people.

Cambolac is a Cambodian handicraft company based in Siem Reap, designing and manufacturing lacquer ware souvenirs. Cambolac employs vulnerable people from Angkor’s Park and hearing impaired young adults to manufacture and sell Cambolac original lacquered designs, art and hand painted souvenirs.


Made in Cambodia Market | Discover the Ultimate Shopping HavenAmmo is an exciting brand of jewellery for men and women, hand-made in Cambodia. The collection uses recycled brass bullets and sterling silver, and has been designed by founder, Madeline Green.

Ammo jewellery Design provides apprenticeship training for young, disadvantaged or disabled Cambodians from Siem Reap province.

Their staff begin with 6 months of skills training, where they learn about metals, pattern making, forming, soldering, and finishing.

Once they have mastered the Ammo jewellery range, each student will then get to become an independant designer, and each week will have one day to design and create their own collections.

Ammo then help to sell their products to various outlets including the Made In Cambodia Market, and offer a percentage of the profits back to the designer and makers of each piece!

Rehash Trash

Up-cycle plastics new shape Up-cycle New products made from plastic bags[/caption]

Rehash Trash is a Green Gecko social enterprise. Working with 100+ former street children and their 32 families over the past 10 years, Green Gecko firmly believes that the long term success of each child is strongly reliant on having long term solutions for their families.

Rehash Trash is a daily workshop that turns dirty roadside rubbish into beautifully bright homewares.

Sadly, Cambodia has a huge problem with plastic largely due to the tourism industry and lack of environmental education. Discarded plastic bags which are collected each day and are transformed into something long lastingly useful. Rehash Trash is not only making great products and cleaning up the environment, it is changing and empowering the lives of young mothers and their families. Each of the women attend a daily workshop 6 days a week, which includes an engaging Khmer literacy class where they learn how to read and write for the very first time.

Phare at the Made in Cambodia Market

Made in Cambodia Market | Discover the Ultimate Shopping Haven

Phare, The Cambodian Circus has been a supporter since the 2013 launch of the Made in Cambodia Market with occasional surprise pop-up performances. These performances are a snippet of what our incredible artist can do and we can promise that you will be left intrigued, amazed and wanting to see more. 

We fully support local businesses with locally produced goods, providing training and jobs to local crafts people and that is exactly what can be found at Made in Cambodia Market.

Remember, there is also shopping for unique, locally made crafts and souveniers at Phare Boutique , including items designed by the students at Phare Ponleu Selpak non-profit school


Craig Dodge , Phare Circus Director of Sales and Marketing, presenting at Arival Activate conference

About the Author - Craig Dodge

Craig Dodge is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Phare Performing Social Enterprise, parent company of Phare, The Cambodian Circus and Phare Creative Studio. Craig gets great satisfaction by applying his travel industry experience to Phare's missions of sustaining jobs in the arts and funding artistic and academic education at Phare Ponleu Selpak non-profit school. He is also driven to promote the unique experiences awaiting visitors to Cambodia. When he's not working, you can often find Craig cycling in Angkor park.

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