Tini Tinou 2014 Circus Festival, Phnom Penh: Act 2

Phare Circus performers - "Eclipse" - Tini Tinou International Circus Festival

ttact2(1)As you may have read, Act 1 of the festival was unanimously loved. Aside from getting to see classic circus skills showcased by local student artists, the event served to make expats and locals alike aware of the small Phnom Penh circus school and the impressive work they have been doing.ttact2(2)

As you might have guessed, Act 2 was none other than the famed Eclipse production by our very own Phare The Cambodian Circus.ttact2(3)

Now. Think BIG. Like really big. The Phnom Penh big-top circus tent is more than 5 times the size of our tent in Siem Reap. This gave our artists much more room than they’ve ever had to present Eclipse. Not surprisingly, they astounded everyone with their adaptation to the space. Instead of sticking to the way they’ve always done things in our home tent, the troupe did everything bigger! Bigger tumbling routines, higher stunting flips, and – a MUCH higher aerial straps segment…ttact2(4)ttact2(5)ttact2(6)

Both nights of the performance had a diverse crowd in attendance. We kept the cost low so price would be less of a variable for locals of all income levels, but we also wanted to make sure children from more disadvantaged backgrounds could see the show… Being the off-shoot of a social service association ourselves, we invited NGO’s from around Phnom Penh to bring the youth they support to attend the show. And, from the looks on the kid’s faces and the cheers from the crowd at the gravity defying stunts, some childhood heroes were forged that evening to be sure…ttact2(7)ttact2(8)

It had been a few years since Tini TInou had taken place in Phnom Penh, but with this amount of support from locals and sponsors (a special thanks to ANZ Bank and Smart Mobile for their support!) we are hopefully looking forward to bringing the festival back to its triumphant annual status.

In the meantime, there’s always our shows here in Siem Reap for a nightly performance – And – Eclipse just so happens to have returned for this week! Get your tickets now!

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