Quick Update: Phare at Angkor Hospital for Children…

We do a number of private events in Siem Reap, and it’s always a pleasure to be able to give local kids a show. We were happy to come out to the Angkor Hospital for Children to support International Children’s Day.  This special day was created in 1954 to promote the welfare of children around the globe, and is always celebrated on June 1st.  Over 100 countries around the world honor children on this day – and what better way to do it than performing for the eager faces at Angkor Hospital for Children!

Before starting the event, the performers got ready back stage. Getting warmed is always key, even if a performance isn’t a full-length production – especially because the performers had to get up early after performing the night before.


Groups of youth came from a variety of different NGO support programs and orphanages to enjoy some refreshments – and most importantly – some choice entertainment…icd(4)icd(5)

The kids were all smiles as they got an up-close look at some of our performers’ skills. Lots of cheers ensued, and some kids even tried handstands after the show…It was so great to see the inspiration being passed along!

If you’re in Siem Reap or beyond and you’d like to have Phare come to you for a private event performance, you can always let us know. Have a look here and get in touch!

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