Phare Circus Dazzles Tainan and Pingtung

Captivating Cambodia Comes to Taiwan: Phare Circus Dazzles Tainan and Pingtung

The magic of Phare Circus, Cambodia’s acclaimed social enterprise troupe, lands in Taiwan this March! Get ready to be enthralled by breathtaking acrobatics, heartwarming stories, and vibrant cultural expressions as Phare embarks on a captivating tour across Tainan and Pingtung.

Tainan: Embrace Acceptance with “The Beauty of Human Being” (March 2nd-3rd)

Join the vibrant festivities of the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan, the renowned food capital and 2024 host city. Witness Phare’s mesmerizing show, “The Beauty of Human Being,” specially crafted for the occasion. This inspiring performance celebrates the power of community and acceptance, reminding us that understanding grows stronger with time. Don’t miss Phare’s dazzling presence in the festival parade for two days – mark your calendars!

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Pingtung Performing Arts Festival

Pingtung: Witness a Breathtaking “Eclipse” (March 9th)

Experience the only full-fledged performance of “Eclipse” in Pingtung, where Phare will captivate audiences during the Performing Art Festival. Inspired by traditional Cambodian folktales, this show dives into a captivating journey of rejection, revenge, and ultimately, forgiveness. Immerse yourself in the stunning blend of theater, traditional dance, and modern circus arts, all set to captivating original music.

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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness the extraordinary talent and powerful storytelling of Phare Circus as they travel to Taiwan. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Cambodian culture and celebrate the human spirit in Tainan and Pingtung this March!




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Phare Circus "Eclipse" at the Pingtung Performing Arts Festival

About Phare Circus

Phare Circus is more than a conventional acrobatic circus. The artists create and perform stories based on their own life experiences. Drawing from recent history, folklore and modern society, the artists blend drama, dance, live music and circus arts to share a part of their lives with audiences. The performers come from unimaginably difficult social and economic background. They discover and develop their skills at Phare Ponleu Selpak non-profit school. They are able to earn a good living and transform their lives at Phare Circus, breaking the cycle of poverty. 


獨樹一格的演出團隊,結合為之一亮的現代劇場元素,法爾劇團展現在眼前的不僅僅是馬戲,自2015年開始,年年榮獲TripAdvisor貓途鷹全球旅遊評價公司肯定,更獲CNN Travel讚譽為東南亞的太陽馬戲團。
表演者皆畢業於法爾藝術學院(Phare Ponleu Selpak),其精神是藉由藝術帶來希望,即柬文名稱的含意「藝術之光」。協助難民兒童、低社經狀況的孩童等,達到每年平均提供1000位學童學習,透過教育、藝術技能提供一技之長,成為柬埔寨藝文人才培育的搖籃;同時法爾藝術學院與法爾劇團更在2021年成為金氏世界紀錄—全世界最長馬戲演出的締造者。

About FOCA

Formosa Circus Art (FOCA) is aim to promote the circus in Asia and to develop the various facets of contemporary circus arts, mixing them with other styles of performance including traditional forms, acrobatics, street culture and theatre arts.



Author - Kim Hsu

About the Author - Kim Hsu

Captivated by her 2015 experience in Cambodia, Kim Chien-Wen HSU, now serves as the Development Manager for Phare Performing Social Enterprise. As a passionate member of the Phare family, she ignites connections with the Mandarin -speaking market to share the artistry of Phare performers. Kim collaborates on exchange projects with Phare Ponleu Selapk, an NGO school nurturing young artists, fostering cultural exchange and mutual learning for both communities.

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