Meeting with Cambodian Government Officials

Meeting with Cambodian Government Officials

Last week, key members of Phare, The Cambodian Circus staff met with several government officials including: Mr. Bun Tharith, Deputy Governor of Siem Reap Province; Mr. Bun Narith, Director General of APSARA Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap; Mr. So Platong, Governor Siem Reap City; Mr. Chung Sokhemarak, Deputy Director of Siem Reap Provincial Department of Tourist; and Mr. Liv Sokhon, Deputy of Information Department Siem Reap Province.

“It is an honour and proof of our success that the government has met with us,” says Phare CEO Dara Huot. “It is a testament to the contribution we make to tourism in Cambodia and to community development within Siem Reap. We received very strong approval from everyone we met. Many said they were worried we may not survive, so they were thrilled to see us thriving two and half years after we first opened.”

He continues, “Phare is an important part of the Siem Reap community, and as the top-rated non-temple attraction we play an important part in making Siem Reap a vibrant place,” says CEO Dara Huot. “We also play a role in making the city a destination for tourists and to encourage them to stay longer.”

Government officials expressed their desire to collaborate with Phare in the future, excitement about attending shows at the new location and supported the decision to purchase land.

“Now that we are more established, we want to continue to play an important role in this community and to have an open dialogue with the government. We also want to share our experience with others by holding seminars and workshops with organizations within the government.”

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