Eclipse in France

Since 2002, Phare artists have gone on yearly tours in France. Organized by a partner organization called Collectif clowns d’ailleurs et d’ici, these tours allow Phare students and graduates to experience tour life, learn about life in Europe and gain valuable exposure to performing arts and artists outside of Cambodia.

12593463_969799546448018_508951193134610288_oFor the past month artists from “Eclipse” have been touring in Lille, Argenteuil, Annonay and more. It is their second trip to France in two years.

The performances have been going well. French audiences are responding with enthusiasm to the unique Cambodian storyline and themes of superstition, social rejection and redemption.12615548_969799416448031_3186992131312267604_o

There’s still a month left until the artists return home, so check out the touring schedule and find out if they’ll be in your city.

Photos by David Bonnet.

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