Thank You Mister Babache

Mister Babache donates circus equipment to Phare Circus - students posing with juggling bowling pins, balls and rings

Thank You Mister Babache

By Emily Martin

New Circus Equipment for Phare Ponleu Selpak students…

Circus equipment, as you can imagine, is an incredibly niche product. For safe and optimal gear you must buy from reputable and specialised companies – something we don’t have in Cambodia, or even any of the surrounding countries.

On a recent trip to Europe Dara Hout, CEO of Phare Performing Social Enterprise, met with the owners of a circus equipment company based in Geneva. He wanted to see whether there was the possibility of some sort of partnership between the company and the Phare family in Cambodia.

After hearing about the work of Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPSA) and Phare, The Cambodian Circus the owners of the company were inspired and have offered an incredibly generous donation of circus equipment to the school – not just this year but as an annual happening.

Dara says, “Bastian said that his company would like to give back to the society, not in the form of cash but in the form of equipment and educational resources… each year it will depend on what they can gather and what we require. But this time round he’s already donated two mono-cycles, juggling balls, rings, diabolos and many books – this is all going to PPSA for the students.”

Mister Babache is one of the very few circus equipment specialist manufacturing companies in the world. Circus equipment is very specific and it has to be carefully produced by people who know the art form, and its requirements well.

The company has been operating since the mid 1980’s and is a family run company which is being passed down through the generations.

The equipment they have ranges from leisure to very professional equipment. When they produce equipment they work with accomplished artists in the circus world to fine tune all the technical aspects. Because the artists are the ones who use this equipment they are incredibly vital in their role as consultants.

Every year Daniel Schambacher, founder of the company, develops and creates – with the help of circus artists – new products with new innovative techniques and materials.

Not only will Mister Babache support PPSA through annual equipment donations, but they are also partnering with Phare Performing Social Enterprise to become a distributer of circus equipment in South East Asia.

“We can bring in equipment and we can sell it in Cambodia and throughout neighbouring countries. There are many international schools that want the equipment and the opportunity to teach their students circus skills like juggling or diabolo.”

View Mister Babache’s products and browse the website.

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