In Stitches: New Costumes

Phare Circus costume design workshop - drawings on bulletin board

In Stitches: New Costumes at Phare

13315783_10201667301241763_4536272697082790263_nThe costume department at Phare is busy! They’re in the middle of a three week costume workshop, the third in a series of four sponsored by the EU and UNESCO. They’ve been brainstorming new concepts, scouring the markets for fabrics, and bringing new ideas to life. The costumes will be used in a brand new show, currently in creation and set to premiere next year.

The inspiration for the workshop is traditional Khmer characters, with paintings, photography, cinema, music and books as sources.

The goal is to create five convertible costumes. The finished products will be used by performers in a variety of ways. The full versions will include stilts and wings and other appendages. The pared down versions will be simple enough to allow acrobats and contortionists to strike any pose they like.

The only criteria are that the costumes should be creative, contemporary, shiny, brilliant, attractive, fun, and inspire amazement. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Read more about workshops at Phare.

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In Stitches: New Costumes In Stitches: New Costumes

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