Tchamlaek (Weird)



In a lively and slightly weird family, the father is suffering, traumatized by the war. With him, the whole family is vulnerable. The sudden arrival of a medium will change their lives. In an attempt to soothe the father, the medium orders the building of a giant house and takes them on a trip to the moon.

Tchamlaek, which means “weird” in Khmer, is a poetic show which humorously conveys the strange adventures of a family in the pursuit of happiness.

Tchamlaek, is a Circus – Theatre show displaying high level juggling, trapeze, contortion and acrobatics.


Phare, The Cambodian Circus’ shows are inspired by the real-life experiences of its creators and performers and deal with themes such as war, discrimination, poverty and ghosts. Some performances contain smoke, loud noises & music and strobe lights. Please consult with a member of the ticketing staff if you have any concerns or you have very young children.


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