In the Khmer language, “nourishment” cannot be expressed without the word “rice”. Cambodians are born, live, work and die in the rice fields. Rice is eaten morning, noon and night. Rice represents the richness of Cambodia but also how Cambodia is exploited by the outside world.

Rice in Cambodia

“White Gold” refers to the role of rice in Cambodia. The story begins with a celebration of people’s respect for rice. After damaging his father’s mandala by accident, our leading character finds himself thrown from his village, into a world where rice becomes commerce and hard labor. As the community’s values shift towards monetary interest, they find themselves plunged into competition, jealousy, greed, self-interest.

“White Gold” follows an individual and his community as they balance the demands of the modern world, community and Buddhist teachings of moderation.

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NOTE: Phare, The Cambodian Circus’ shows are inspired by the real-life experiences of its creators and performers and deal with themes such as war, discrimination, relationships, poverty and ghosts. Some performances contain smoke, loud noises & music and strobe lights. Please consult with a member of the ticketing staff if you have any concerns or you have very young children.