Same Same but Different



Phare Debuts Newest Creation – “Same Same but Different”

Phare artists, musicians and technicians are working day and night on their newest creation titled “Same Same but Different”. After a successful debut in Siem Reap on 27 – 30 October, 2016, “Same Same but Different” is now part of Phare’s regular show rotation. Tickets are available online, from the Phare ticket office or most Siem Reap hotels, travel agents, ticket offices and tour operators.

Same Same but Different

Through a series of everyday situations, “Same Same But Different” explores the different habits and ways of living between Cambodians and foreign visitors. A sudden downpour, an unexpected power outage, a hectic boat trip and a relaxing dinner all provide the backdrops for funny encounters and opposing perspectives. But in every situation they find understanding and connect at a human level.


Phare, The Cambodian Circus’ shows are inspired by the real-life experiences of its creators and performers and deal with themes such as war, discrimination, relationships, poverty and ghosts. Some performances contain smoke, loud noises & music and strobe lights. Please consult with a member of the ticketing staff if you have any concerns or you have very young children.

Photos by Scott Sharick