In Photos: Our New Home

January 15, 2016 was the first day we performed at our new location. But behind the scenes there were months of hard work: planning and designing, tearing down and putting up, hauling dirt and gravel, laying pipes, building, planting trees, painting murals, performing outdoors and indoors, distributing flyers, and much more.

Planning began months in advance and included meeting with with government officials and finalizing the deal for purchasing the land.

A big milestone was receiving the land title in August 2015. We celebrated by taking the document out to the new site and taking photos of our staff and of the undeveloped land.

From an undeveloped field to the beginning of a home. Starting in November 2015 we poured concrete to create the base of the big top, hauled in loads of gravel, and started erecting wooden structures that would later become Phare Cafe and Phare Boutique.

Taking the big top down, moving it across town took and putting it back up took nine days from January 5-January 14, 2016.

About a week before we moved the Siem Reap community came together to support us by donating thousands of dollars worth of trees to make our new home a little more green. Staff, artists, and supporters helped us plant trees all morning on January 13.

While the big top was being moved, our nightly performance was outdoors.

On January 23 we threw a housewarming party and invited staff and supporters to help us inaugurate our new home. The day’s events included a Kong Pearli, a traditional monk blessing, inside the big top.

We also had a ribbon cutting and set orange lanterns into the night sky.

We’re excited to be at our new permanent home and to see what the future holds!

Photos and video by Scott Sharick Photography.

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