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Start your Phare experience at Phare Boutique. 

New Phare Boutique


The Phare Boutique offers a showcase of original art produced by students, delightful mementos from the circus and a variety of locally made handicrafts.

Visitors can take home a piece of the show while also changing lives. Money from every piece of artwork bought goes straight back to the artist, allowing them to keep themselves and their families out of poverty. Most products sold at the boutique have been produced by Phare students, or made by Cambodian locals.

Recent additions to Phare Boutique include original music CDs from the show “Sokha”, DVD of the documentary “Angkor’s Children” and unique new Phare t-shirt and polo shirt designs.  Phare is also a member of the RefillNotLandfill – Cambodia group, with refillable water bottles to help reduce plastic waste and protect the environment.

Even if you don’t have time to catch the show – make sure you stop by and take some time to feast your eyes on these exquisite creations while also supporting these local artists.

New Phare BoutiquePhare BoutiqueNew Phare BoutiquePhare BoutiquePhare BoutiquePhare BoutiquePhare BoutiqueNew Phare BoutiquePhare BoutiquePhare BoutiqueNew Phare Boutique

Featured Local Partners

Artisans d’Angkor

Artisans Angkor has developed from the ambitious belief that it is possible to revive ancient Khmer Arts & Crafts while improving the lives of thousands of people living in rural areas.

Not only has Artisans Angkor become a company dedicated to the preservation of traditional Khmer skills in silk-making, stone and wood carving, lacquering and painting, but it is also an organization committed to promote the development of individuals and secure their future by the means of education and welfare.

Today, our 1300 employees are proud to show that Cambodian handicraft is still alive and more creative than ever. By developing high quality products that express the dynamism of the Khmer culture, Artisans Angkor strives to be a timeless showcase for Cambodian crafts with pieces inspired by Angkor heritage as well as fashionable handmade clothing and decorative items that can suit contemporary lifestyles.

Banteay Srei

A Cambodian Women’s Non-Governmental Organisation that empowers vulnerable women to improve their political, economic and psycho-social situation through implementation of community development projects, advocacy work and encouraging men’s participation in addressing issues affecting women.

Banteay Srei’s work has influenced over 63,000 people representing over 12,000 families in the 53 target villages in 10 communes in 6 districts in Battambang and Siem Reap provinces.

Human and Hope Association

Human and Hope Association came about in March 2011 when a group of villagers saw an absence of education in their commune. This group of locals decided to teach English to community members at a small fee of 50 cents per student each month in order to cover their costs. Over the next 18 months, the volunteer team recruited students through word of mouth, posting announcements at the local Primary School and gaining the support of the Monks who preached to the community.

In October 2012, an Australian living in Siem Reap was introduced to the team through her best friend who volunteered there, and seeing how motivated the Khmer volunteers were, started working as Operations Manager with the goal to initiate new projects, support the team with new skills and ensure a sustainable future for the organisation.

In October 2014 we built our own school and moved 4km further into a more rural commune. We now focus on education, vocational training and community support. We provide English, Living Values, Preschool, Khmer, Art, Library and Movie Club. We teach a four month Sewing Program to students classified as Poor Level One, Two and Three and have a home sewing business. We assist the community with our Microfinance Program, Family Farm Program and community outreach. We provide University Scholarships and Further Education Scholarships to our staff, and run weekly capacity building workshops for them.

New Hope Cambodia

New Hope Cambodia is a grass roots, rapidly growing Non-Government Organisation (NGO) run by a dedicated individual, a local Khmer named Sot Suo (Kemsour).

The focus of New Hope is ‘free education for all’ as the founder’s recognition of the vital role education plays in helping break the cycle of poverty.

However the organisation cannot ignore the chronic malnutrition, ill health and horrific living conditions of its community.This environment places families at high risk of falling victim to child traffickers. For this reason, New Hope Cambodia’s activities and programs address the daily issues facing families in crisis situations and, at the same time, find ways to work toward a better future.


Sombai – pronounced as “som bai” – means “some rice, please” in Khmer.

Rice is the main staple food in Cambodia, but is also the base of the distillation of alcohol hence the preparation of rice wine. Throughout history, the Khmer have used local liquor in traditional medicine to extract the benefits of fruits, spices and roots.

In order to make a delicious Cambodian liqueur, sweet and fruity, it was necessary to add the secrets from Mauritius that are used in the production of infused rums in the islands:

The spices and local fruits freshly bought from the market are infused in the spirit. The flavours are always presented in a combination of 2 to enhance the balance and complexity in taste for this Cambodian liqueur. A sugar cane stick is inserted in each bottle rounding out the taste, giving it an additional woody flavour as time goes by; already very tasty at the time the beverage is bottled, it all gets even better with time.

Some may say “no matter the bottle, provided there is tipsiness”. To agree to this implies ignoring the quality of young Cambodian artists and their ability to sublimate the bottles. And “to crown” the whole thing, each Sombai bottle proudly bears its traditional colourful krama cloth over the bottle top. Sombai bottles are painted and decorated by hand, making each of them a unique piece and an amazing souvenir.