Thank you for your partnership with Phare.

Doing business with Phare is now even easier! Before guests arrival at Phare, you can easily make payments through WING App, WING Outlets, Bank Transfer, ABA App Payment, or in-person at the Phare performance venue or administrative office. 

Credit will only be considered for existing business partners with an average of USD 200.00 monthly ticket sales and only after 6 months of on-time payment history with Phare. Before applying for credit, you should already have a ticket sales agreement with a Phare account number assigned. 

If you have fulfilled the conditions above, please fill in the required information below. Your application will be reviewed by our Accounting Department. An answer to your application will be made within 4 to 6 weeks.

Terms and conditions:

  • Your application will be thoroughly studied and references checked by our accounting department. You will receive an answer within 4 to 6 weeks after the application.
  • Credit Terms and credit amount are at Phare’s Accounting Team’s sole consideration and discretion.
  • If credit is approved, a letter stipulating all the credit terms, credit amount and terms and conditions will be issued.
  • Please follow-up directly with [email protected] if you’ve not received a determination within 6 weeks.

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