Borak Arts Series in Penang, Malaysia

Phare, The Cambodian Circus CEO Dara Huot will speak at the Borak Arts Series‬ in Penang, Malaysia from Aug. 27-28.

13909144_1095471650535470_5896461892282265480_oOther speakers include Ehon Chan of Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre, Sunitha Janamohanan of LASALLE College of the Arts, and Soh Lai Yee of Singapore International Foundation.

The topic of the panel is:

As private and public agencies seek innovative ways to employ the arts to improve and strengthen communities, they have become increasingly interested in assessing the impact of their investments. What are some of the ways that assessment is being conducted and impact being measured? How do we understand impact in the context of community engaged practice.

The series is part of the George Town Festival, an annual, month-long celebration of arts, culture, heritage and community in stunning Penang, Malaysia (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

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